All Spa repair, Inc repairs all makes and models of hot tubs, spa’s, salon equipment. Experienced in Arctic, Baha, Catalina, Cal Spa, Caldera, Clearwater, Coleman, Dimension 1, Dynasty, Great lakes, Hot springs, Hydro spa, Jacuzzi, LA Spa, Master spas, Spas Direct, Sundance, Vita Spa and Hercules and others. Because most spa’s use identical, or similar parts, pumps, jets, and electronics,  you can have confidence that we can repair any make, or model.

Some specific repairs involve Pump rebuilding, pump seal replacement, Heaters, Error codes, Leaks, and frozen tubs.

Many circuit boards including Balboa, can be repaired at the component level. As of 2012, we service spas for

                                                  and their Best Jacuzzi brands.


By the yard it’s hard, but inch by inch, everthing’s a cinch


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On the job with hot-tub repairman Lars Larsen

I have two businesses, Larsen’s all repair service ( Handyman) has been in business for about 30 years. All Spa Repair, Inc ( hot tubs) began in 2007. The most common repairs recently have been Broken Hot Tubs, Spa’s, and Spa Equipment, Appliances, Plumbing, Electrical, Furnace and Boiler repairs, and carpentry. While most people were specializing in the 80’s and 90’s, I was diversifying and learning a multitude of skills and acquiring tools and knowledge in every area of home repair. From the bottom of your foundation, to the top of your chimney, I’ve been there and done that.

  I am now transitioning into the most technical, difficult, challenging,  and valuable repairs.   If you have been searching for a repairman, you have probably found a multitude of middleman, salespeople, and referral services, but sooner or later, someone has to be willing and able to actually do the job. That’s me. If you live in my area, I can help you personally.

Hot tubs


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